THIS IS THE LIBERAL MEDIA AT LARGE!!!         By Cory A Grambart


This is the hate in America everyone is accusing George Zimmerman about. So why is there no outrage about this young mans views. From his creepy ass cracker “comment” to his thug pictures, School suspensions, Drug use, Racist sites and other things that are hidden by the main street media , I.E. Liberal media who you all adore so much.The Chief of police was fired for not arresting Zimmerman and charging him. Then the Black head of the city replaces him with another black man and who then very publicly arrested him. Now prosecution hides phone records and then fires the guy who should have been protected by the whistle blower law. Obama and Holder send a team down to help encourage charges to be filed to what they believe a racially motivated crime. Then they find out he is Hispanic, so they label him a white Hispanic. The racism from the African American towards this man is like the MOB which Ann Coulter talks about in her book Demonic. So here we are a innocent man facing life in prison, and for what. Another thug they try to paint as a saint. White, Black, Hispanic or any other race if you act like a thug you deserve to be treated like one. Why is racism OK when another race does it to white people, or another race. There is a scary double standard in this country. I believe that the Left, Liberal Media, and leaders in the African American communities have failed their youth and their communities. I am talking about Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpen, Louis Farrakhon. There is an epidemic in these communities and no real positive influences that are hailed as role models. We stick to those that use and profit from the strife of the lower income areas.


Here we are a mans life hangs in the balance because of the agenda’s of those who profit from Racism.This goes for all those who ever injected race into this case. Lets not forget Trayvon’s friend she said its ok to use creepy ass cracker. So America pray these 6 woman make the right decision in this case or America with have gone back 20 years. In a last note :Race has not been more promoted then by the Obama administration, A president commenting on this case is a race fear monger and will never uplift anyone from any race.

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  1. I’m ashamed of myself for letting myself get wrapped up in this whole fiasco. The man was innocent, plain and simple. He was a pawn in the race card game. I pity that poor man. He was attacked, plain and simple and he took matters and his life into his own hands. If the whole thing was reversed we would have NEVER heard a thing about it. This is the only good thing Florida has done for a long long time. At least 6 people in Florida have some sense. I highly doubted there were even that many before the verdict.

  2. Can I just say what a relief to get someone who really knows just what theyre discussing on the internet. You need to know how to bring an issue in order to light making it crucial. More people must read this and also understand this side of the tale. I cant believe you are not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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